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POS Solution for Sushi D’lite
Sushi D’lite were a current Enhance IT customer when they asked Cursa to investigate the possibility of moving all of their Casio tills to a managed POS solution to improve reporting and reliability of their stores and staff ... read more >
Infrastructure installation for Cavalier Special Projects
Cavalier Special Projects contacted Cursa to provide information on setting up a new network infrastructure and Phone system for moving to a new office with no current file sharing or network capabilities. Cavalier Special Projects had 3 laptops and no network or office. They were moving into a office and wanted to be set up correctly and to provide growth for 5 years ... read more >
Healthwise Infrastructure and BP Migration
Healthwise Medical Centre contacted Cursa for information on upgrading their current aging and failing network server and infrastructure to a new solution that would stabilise there network and allow for 3-5 years growth within the practice. Healthwise were also open for suggestion on moving to another line of business application for their medical practice ... read more >