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Infrastructure installation for Cavalier Special Projects

Cavalier Special Projects contacted Cursa to provide information on setting up a new network infrastructure and Phone system for moving to a new office with no current file sharing or network capabilities. Cavalier Special Projects had 3 laptops and no network or office. They were moving into a office and wanted to be set up correctly and to provide growth for 5 years.

Cavalier Special Projects were limited through what infrastructure they could use due to being in a development with Fibre only and no copper phones available in the business estate, Through information provided by Cavalier Special Projects Cursa designed a solution using a HP ML330 Server to provide their server infrastructure and a Cisco UC VOIP system to provide the networking and phone capabilities for the network. The Server will host a Small business server 2011 in a virtual configuration to allow for growth for a application or terminal server. The Hardware on the server could be expanded past the needs of their projected growth. The Cisco UC System was also designed with growth in mind and can be scaled past three times their expected growth.

The Small business Server implemented hosted the emails which are used for correspondence with their clients which they have a high resilience on. The server hosts all file storage which is backed up nightly and moved offsite with a Cursa designed network storage device. The Phone and Switch system by Cisco was chosen for its high features for the SMB market. The Phone system has all the same features as a high end system with a great price. The Cisco UC Device is also a network switch and wireless access point, saving the customer money in not having to buy additional network devices.

Cursa merged all the data from the users laptops over to the server and implemented redirected folders to back up all the userís data as well as setting up shared company folders so the users can share documents between themselves.

Cursa provided the project as well as ongoing support for the users, devices and network. Cavalier Special Projects signed up on a Enhance IT Management Plan which actively monitors and maintains their network, proactively looking and resolving issues before the end user experiences the errors.